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Special Events

Parties, Parades, Petting Zoos and more...

Birthday Parties

Your party guests will LOVE to meet our sweet llamas, up close and personal. Feed them, pet them, walk them, and be sure to pose for lots of photos.

Accompanied by our experienced Llama Wranglers, an age-appropriate program can be given that will enlighten and entertain both youth and adults.



Watch the amazed and delighted reaction of the crowd when the Hudson Valley Llamas come into view! Llamas are always a crowd-pleaser and will make a GREAT addition to your community's parade or other public event.

The Hudson Valley Llamas in the White Plains, NY St. Patrick's Day Parade


The Hudson Valley Llamas in the Northern Westchester/Putnam St. Patrick's Day Parade


Cub Scout Pack 5 marches with the Hudson Valley Llamas in the White Plains, NY Memorial Day Parade


Petting Zoos, Nativity Scenes, Car Washes, Farmers' Markets, Carnivals, Street Fairs...

What CAN'T the llamas do!

People love to see them, kids AND adults love to pet them,
and they draw a crowd to any event.
If you want to increase the number of people who pull over at your car wash or market, have a couple of llamas standing by to get their attention. Do you need something to spice up your carnival or fair - how about some llamas your patrons can feed and pet? If you want more people to come see your living nativity scene, advertise that the Three Wise Men will be traveling to Bethlehem with their three camels (llamas) this year.


Living Nativity 2011

The Reformed Church of Cortlandtown in Montrose, NY rehearses for their Living Nativity.
You've heard of the famous Hudson Valley no-hump camels haven't you?


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